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Safran unveils its full range of electrical systems for next generations of hybrid and electric aircraft

Safran unveils its full range of electrical systems

Paris Air Show, Le Bourget – June 17, 2019

Safran Electrical & Power is presenting at Paris Air Show its full range of electrical systems designed for hybrid electric & all-electric aircraft – the smart batteries GENeUSPACKTM, the smart generators GENeUSTM, a power management system GENeUSGRIDTM and the smart motors ENGINeUSTM – thus covering the whole electric chain.

These brand new product lines are modular, versatile & scalable, so that they can be adapted to all electric architectures, whatever their rate of hybridization:

  • The GENeUS™ smart generators are the most extensive and advanced range of generators on the market, with fully integrated control electronics. Their integrated active power management makes them ideal candidates as power sources for hybrid power systems.
  • The GENeUSPACK™ smart batteries are combining the best-in-class battery cells on the market, bringing the technology to safety levels required for aerospace applications. They provide all-in-one smart battery systems for both electric propulsion and more electric aircraft applications.
  • The GENeUSGRID™ power management system is the “brain” of the electrical chain, i.e. it controls the electrical equipment on aircraft & manages a combination of high voltage generators and batteries to continuously meet the power demands of the electric propulsion motors. It enables to switch from an all electric to an hybrid electric architecture.

It includes a Power Management Unit that has a modular and scalable design. It integrates Safran’s contactors, Solid State Power Controllers, current sensors, fuses, pyroswitches, to ensure distribution & protection functions.

  • The ENGINeUS™ smart motors comprise an electric motor with a very high power-to-weight ratio and a highly integrated power electronic drive to control the shaft speed. These solutions are smart, efficient, optimized and adapted to a wide range of applications from actuation to propulsion.

« Trough these ranges of smart machines, we are offering new needs-responsive solutions for the emerging market of light urban & suburban aircraft, today on vertical takeoff and landing aircraft (VTOL), tomorrow on commuter aircraft and soon on commercial aircraft. We are ready for electrical propulsion revolution!” said Hervé Blanc, Vice President & General Manager of electrical systems, Safran Electrical & Power.

Discover the Safran electrical systems at their stand on International Paris Air Show, from June 17 to 23: Hall 2A – Stand No. 253

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