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Enac ecole nationale de l'aviation aeromorning
Liebherr Aerospace
Liebherr Aerospace
Le convertisseur de puissance électrique pour poste de pilotage de Liebherr à bord des familles Airbus A320 et A330

Discover Toulouse Tech

toulous-techToulouse Tech

Toulouse Tech is a network of French institutions delivering accredited courses in engineering sciences.

As part of the Université Fédérale Toulouse Midi-Pyrénées’ initiative for excellence, Toulouse Tech brings together local players in higher education and engineering research by federating our regional institutions.

A Unifying Pioneer Project…

Joint initiatives seek to adapt educational practices to its diverse student body and develop the skills required by the socioeconomic world.

Broadening Cooperation and Implementation of Concrete Action…

The Collegium’s initiatives are naturally intended to benefit all Toulouse Tech institutions, extending fields of collaboration between the various courses delivered and mutualising their actions.

Priority objectives include:

Provision of clearer information on the range of courses available to French and international students
Diversification of recruitment
Support of educationally innovative initiatives
Synergy between institutions, teachers and students.