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Liebherr Aerospace
Liebherr Aerospace
Le convertisseur de puissance électrique pour poste de pilotage de Liebherr à bord des familles Airbus A320 et A330

IPSA Summer School (Direct Enroll) – From July 2nd to July 21st



This summer program aims at providing key concepts in design, modeling and control of micro aerial vehicles (MAVs) covering both theoretical and experimental aspects. In this regard, specific drone configurations will be studied. Detailed simulations including realistic aerodynamic effects will be realized using CFD tools (STAR ccm+) to assess theses forces. Wind tunnel tests will also be carried out to firstly, achieve a real observation of the drone dynamics, and then to validate the CFD simulations results.

** Only students of 3 years of a bachelor degree in engineering (or related fields) can apply. Students from non-engineering majors can contact Prof. Enikov, (enikov@email.arizona.edu) Aerospace and Mech. Engineering Department to determine prerequisites and eligibility.

  • PARIS :

Courses, lectures and workshops, experimental tests, survival French + discover Paris: Street art in Paris, Space and Air Museum, Château de Versailles. Etc…


Enjoy the aerospace capital during 4 days! Survival French, Let’s visit Airbus, Aeroscopia, Cité de l’Espace, cruise « canal du Midi »

** Students earn 6 ECTS credits for completion of this program.

** Students from AME department will be eligible for 3 tech elective credits (AME 399/499/492) which can be transferred upon completion of the course.

** Students from ECE department will be eligible for 3 tech elective credits (AME 492) which can be transferred upon completion of the course.

  • 60€ application fee
  • 2000€ (discounted fee for UA students) including tuition fees, extra-curricular activities, accommodation, breakfasts and lunches (on class days) and public transport pass for 3 weeks.
  • Total 2060€ will be billed to your Bursar’s.
  • Optional : Airport transfer

More information : https://global.arizona.edu/study-abroad/program/ipsa-summer-school-direct-enroll