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The Clean Aviation Joint Undertaking welcomes 20 new Associated Members

The Clean Aviation Joint Undertaking welcomes 20 new Associated Members


The Governing Board (GB) of the Clean Aviation Joint Undertaking (CAJU) approved the accession of 20 new Associated Members from 12 different countries to the Clean Aviation PartnershipThe new members will engage with the Clean Aviation programme on a long-term basis, and together with the European Commission and the current CAJU private members, will lead the way towards climate-neutral aviation.

All new members have important competencies in the field of sustainable aviation research and innovation, key to enabling the Clean Aviation Joint Undertaking to develop, integrate and demonstrate disruptive aircraft technological innovations capable of decreasing net emissions of greenhouse gases by no less than 30% by 2030.

SMEs represent the largest number of new members (7), from 7 different countries across Europe. One seat in Clean Aviation’s Governing Board is reserved for SMEs. Additionally, large industry organisations, 5 Research and Technology Organisations (RTOs) and 2 universities were selected. Out of the 20 new Members, 16 are already involved in the technical programme and are participating in Clean Aviation’s highly innovative 28 daring projects. Once membership procedures have been completed, the Clean Aviation Joint Undertaking is expected to consist of 59 private members in total.  Concerning the selected UK entities, the official accession to the CAJU Membership will be subject to the entry into force of the UK Association Agreement to Horizon Europe.

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Rosalinde van der Vlies, Chair of the Governing Board, Director of Clean Planet, Directorate-General for Research and Innovation, European Commission, said: “I welcome the 20 new Associated Members to the Clean Aviation Joint Undertaking. Unwavering teamwork, bridging public and private sectors at both European and national levels is the cornerstone for achieving climate neutrality in aviation by 2050. Through Horizon Europe, the European Commission continues to support the efforts to introduce greener aircraft into service by 2035.”

Sabine Klauke, Co-chair of the Governing Board, Chief Technical Officer, Airbus, stated: “The Clean Aviation Joint Undertaking’s expanded Membership will play an important role in ensuring that technological advancements and industrial readiness align to support the introduction of ground-breaking new products and services by 2035. This tremendous effort will further strengthen Europe’s industrial leadership while contributing to a more environmentally sustainable future for aviation.”

Axel Krein, Executive Director of the Clean Aviation Joint Undertaking, said: “Seeing many successful applications originating from SMEs represents a significant step towards fostering further diversity within our Membership. The increased participation of SMEs will enhance their exposure and engagement within the programme, and offer vital technical contributions to drive the delivery of ground-breaking aircraft technologies before 2030.”

Source : Clean Aviation

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