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STELIA Aerospace change of name – Communication on impacts for suppliers

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The key operational changes that will occur for current suppliers of STELIA Aerospace SAS following the reorganization of Airbus Aerostructures in France, merging the plants of Nantes and St Nazaire Gron with STELIA Aerospace. Please note that the new company will be called Airbus Atlantic and is planned to be effective from 1st January 2022. As there is no change of the legal entity, all procurement contracts you currently have with STELIA Aerospace will be executed by Airbus Atlantic from January 1st 2022.

What will NOT change from 1st January 2022 ?
• Contacts, tools and processes: we will continue to work with our original teams, methods and tools : collaboration is maintained as usual, with the same contacts and via the same tools ; in particular, transport and logistic flows remain unchanged

• The open order book will remain unchanged ;

• Ship-to and invoice send-to addresses: we will continue to receive and pay at the current addresses ;

• Airbus Atlantic VAT and SIREN codes remain the same as STELIA Aerospace ones ;

What will change from 1st January 2022 ?
• Corporate name Airbus Atlantic will replace STELIA Aerospace for all sites in France ;

• You will be paid by Airbus Atlantic, with reference to the order and invoice numbers, even for orders issued until december 31, 2021 by STELIA Aerospace ;

• New orders will be published with updated company name ;

• Even if the orders released in 2021 by STELIA Aerospace will remain unchanged, we require you to modify on your shipping documentation and on your commercial invoice for customs and tax purposes :

  • the customer entity name into Airbus Atlantic
  • the bill-to entity : Airbus Atlantic ZI de (‘Arsenal — CS 60109 17303 Rochefort Cedex

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