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Research from eVTOL company Horizon Aircraft reveals one in four Canadians want to slow down with a rural move

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  • But people who have moved from rural areas to urban areas say the switch is not always easy
  • eVTOL’s have a big role to play in supporting remote communities

One in four Canadians who live in urban areas are considering moving to more remote communities with the desire for a slower pace of life cited as the biggest reason, new researchshows (please see the attached press release).

The nationwide study by Horizon Aircraft, a Canadian-based innovative leader in hybrid electric Vertical Take-off and Landing (eVTOL) aerial vehicles, found 25% of urban Canadians would consider moving out of more urban areas with a further 15% undecided.

Among those considering a rural switch, the most popular reason for potentially moving was the desire for a better work life balance. Around half (47%) want to slow down, while 25% say the COVID-19 pandemic has made them reassess their lifestyle and what is important.

Roughly 17% of those questioned said they increasingly don’t like living in an urban environment, while 12% said their possible move came down to a desire to be nearer family and friends. Nearly a third (32%) of those considering a move say they plan to do so within two years, while 12% say any move is more than five years away.

The research is not all good news for people planning to leave urban areas as highlighted by the 12% of those questioned who had made the reverse move from a more rural remote area to a town or city in the past five years.

The main reason given for the switch from rural to an urban location was work – around 40% said they had made the move to be nearer to jobs, while 31% cited personal reasons. Other motives for moving to urban areas included closer proximity to healthcare and medical services (10%) and 6% saying remote living had become too difficult for them.

Source : eVTOL 

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