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Liebherr at ILA Berlin 2024 – transform.develop.sustain

  • Liebherr welcomes visitors at its booth no. 100 in hall 2 as well as at the German Equipment Industry display in the Military Support Center
  • Innovative solutions for the future More Electric Aircraft
  • Information about career opportunities available

Liebherr-Aerospace will present various solutions for civil and military aviation at ILA Berlin from June 5 to 9, 2024. Under the motto “transform. develop.sustain.” the company will be represented in hall 2 at booth 100.  On display will be latest innovations such as modular electro-mechanical actuators, solutions for local, decentralized hydraulic supply or fuel cell technology for on-board energy supply. Liebherr’s activities in the defense sector will be shown in the Military Support Center with a highlight: in a specially installed workshop area, visitors can look over the shoulder of a service technician at work.

Lindenberg (Germany), May 2024 – Under the motto “transform.develop.sustain.”, Liebherr-Aerospace’s presence at this year’s trade show demonstrates that the company is ready for the aviation industry’s challenges, which are characterized by an all-embracing transformation process. With investments in research and technology far above the industry average, Liebherr is making a significant contribution to the development of a more efficient and environmentally friendly air transport.

Many years of experience in the design and integration of environmental control and thermal management systems, flight control and actuation, landing gears and in the field of signal and power electronics make Liebherr an indispensable partner to aircraft manufacturers.

The company is continuously looking beyond the limits of what is feasible today. For example: electrification, 3D printing, or hydrogen technologies can make a huge contribution here. Qualified employees are key in the transformation process and contribute significantly to Liebherr’s success. That is why the company is highlighting career opportunities and inviting guests for a dialog on its commercial booth.

Long wingspan with folding mechanism for improved aerodynamics

Even from a distance, the Boeing 777X’s folding wingtip “beckons” visitors to the Liebherr booth. The moving mock-up (scale 1:1.5) shows how the wingtip of the extra-long wing can be folded upward to better fit the airport infrastructure. Components of the mechanism, such as the angle gearbox, the power drive unit, and numerous actuators are designed by Liebherr and will be on display. Innovative designs of thinner and longer wings support more CO2-efficient flying by improved aerodynamics. Liebherr is supporting this trend by offering reliable folding mechanisms for future more efficient aircraft platforms.

3D printing and digitization

3D-printed components made by Liebherr are flying every day. The company is constantly developing its capabilities and extending them to towards multiple applications. On display at ILA Berlin is an additively manufactured housing of a secondary locking actuator. According to in-depth tests, the aviation-certified housing is of lower weight, and its performance is 100% equivalent to that of a conventionally manufactured component.

In addition, digital means are revolutionizing the way Liebherr designs, builds and maintains aircraft systems. On its way to becoming a model-based enterprise, Liebherr is exchanging models with customers as early as possible to contribute to more efficient aircraft design and development.  

Electrification and decarbonization

Liebherr has also been driving forward the electrification of today’s aircraft for many years and offers successful applications for the future in this area. In aircraft that will be more electric in the future, the engine will be decoupled from onboard power consumers for increased efficiency. Electric power will replace bleed air or hydraulic systems and enable the introduction of electric air management and actuation systems. Liebherr’s exhibits show that the company can already master these requirements today: Electromechanical actuators (EMA) and a hologram of the high-efficiency power pack (HEPP), are on display.  

Furthermore, future more sustainable aircraft will require autonomous electrical power generation. Liebherr is working to ensure that hydrogen technology can be used to power non-propulsive systems on board future aircraft using electricity provided by fuel cells. At the same time, thermal management of the whole, i.e. fuel cells and electrified systems, is being ensured.

Leader in the development of electromechanical actuators

As electrification moves on in aviation, Liebherr has further added small electromechanical actuators to its product portfolio. The new concept specifically addresses the emerging AAM (Advanced Air Mobility) sector. It is also essential for smaller aircraft, business jets and helicopters. The product approach offers scalability for small installation envelopes, a favorable power-to-weight ratio and high reliability.

Strong partner in the defense sector

In the Military Support Center (MSC), Liebherr showcases its activities as a long-term as well as reliable partner of the German Armed Forces.  A Eurofighter nose landing gear by Liebherr-Aerospace and several products for the NH90 helicopter are eye-catchers. The repair workshop in the German Equipment Industry display in the MSC will be also a special highlight: a service technician from Liebherr will be working on equipment of the Eurofighter and the CH-53.  

About Liebherr-Aerospace & Transportation

Liebherr-Aerospace & Transportation SAS, headquartered in Toulouse (France), is one of 13 product segments of the Liebherr Group and a first-tier provider of on-board solutions in the aerospace and transportation industry, contributing to a more sustainable transport through innovative products, best in class services and performance excellence.

The aerospace product portfolio offered to civil and defense customers includes environmental control and thermal management systems, flight control and actuation systems, landing gears as well as on-board electronics. For rail vehicles of all kinds Liebherr offers heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, passive and active hydraulic systems for braking, damping, axle steering and levelling. Furthermore, Liebherr serves the commercial vehicle market with trailer cooling systems.

About the Liebherr Group – 75 years of moving forward

The Liebherr Group is a family-run technology company with a highly diversified product programme. The company is one of the largest construction equipment manufacturers in the world. It also provides high-quality, user-oriented products and services in a wide range of other areas. The Liebherr Group includes over 150 companies across all continents. In 2023, it employed more than 50,000 staff and achieved combined revenues of over 14 billion euros. Liebherr was founded by Hans Liebherr in 1949 in the southern German town of Kirchdorf an der Iller. Since then, the employees have been pursuing the goal of achieving continuous technological innovation and bringing industry-leading solutions to its customers. Under the slogan ‘75 years of moving forward’, the Group celebrates its 75th anniversary in 2024. source: Liebherr

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