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Enac ecole nationale de l'aviation aeromorning
Liebherr Aerospace
Liebherr Aerospace
Le convertisseur de puissance électrique pour poste de pilotage de Liebherr à bord des familles Airbus A320 et A330

AircraftSalesBook supports the French (ENAC) Foundation

FacebookTwitterLinkedInPinterest part IXO Aviation SA wish to support the European leading higher education institution in civil aviation, Toulouse (France) based Ecole Nationale de l’Aviation Civile (ENAC). has offered to pay back 5% of its profit, as a philanthropic gesture, to ENAC’s Foundation.

A sponsorship agreement, signed on the occasion of the launching of in April 2016, states that funds collected under this agreement will be used to support the ENAC’s Foundation projects in the fields of:

– International outreach;

– Research and innovation promotion;

– Social responsibility.

All projects supported by through ENAC’s Foundation will naturally be related to civil aviation.

More information : FDD ;  Facebook

ENAC main entrance

Entrée de l’Ecole nationale de l’aviation civile