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Airbus Corporate Jet Centre develops connectivity solutions under Airbus standards

5ème meilleure compagnie aérienne

Toulouse, April 1, 2016


Airbus Corporate Jet Centre (ACJC), the innovative provider of customised nose-to-tail solutions to VIP and airline customers, is developing solutions to provide high level of connectivity aboard, in compliance with Airbus standards.



Thanks to its flexibility, agility and its expertise on VIP completion, that enables the company to answer the most exigent customers, ACJC addresses a panel of complementary solutions to the retrofit market, enlarging the choice of satellite’s constellations including L band, Ka band and Ku band.


By proposing retrofits and cabin connectivity suites upgrades with a pertinent set of in-flight entertainment (IFE), ACJC provides a wide range of innovative services onboard such as Internet access, Social Media, online video streaming, mobile phone (VoIP) and real time TV.


Acting under Airbus DOA (Design Organization Agreement), ACJC develops solutions in strict compliance with Arinc 791 and conformable with ESG (Extended Service Goal) politics. It ensures cost-effective upgrades on single-aisle and long-range families, including A350 and A380.


Upon Customer request, the technical data of ACJC service bulletins is integrated into the aircraft technical publication to make the future operations and maintenance actions easier.




About Airbus Corporate Jet Centre


Backed by the full resources of its shareholder Airbus, the world’s largest manufacturer of modern airliners, the Airbus Corporate Jet Centre (ACJC) offers an unrivalled agility to provide customised solutions under Airbus standards. Our range of expertise initially includes VIP cabin completions, comprehensive maintenance services as well as high-end system upgrade solutions business & private customers and now extends to finest product developments for premium airlines.


With around 200 employees in Toulouse, France, ACJC has successfully completed more than 30 VIP cabins for Airbus corporate jet aircraft worldwide. It deals now with world-class airlines, addressing Airbus single-aisle and long-range families, including A350 and A380.