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400 SMEs on board with Sédéméca

With Edelweiss to Jamaica

With Sédéméca, the Industrial Performance programme now has more than 400 SMEs on board

Sédéméca, a specialist in high precision machining,  (hydraulic systems and engines) and active member of the AERO-SME committee, is the 400th SME to join the “Performances Industrielles” programme, a nation-wide industrial performance improvement project aimed at the entire French aeronautical supply chain. 97% of the SMEs involved in the programme have seen a very significant improvement in operational performance, including a reduction of non-performance in the order of 50%, and reductions in delivery times. The programme aims to strengthen businesses’ competitiveness whilst also improving working conditions and developing jobs in the sector.
This plan, launched in 2014 by project leader GIFAS, the French Aerospace Industry Association, in collaboration with project manager SPACE, is specifically dedicated to businesses from the sector: mid-market companies, SMEs and micro-enterprises. With a budget of €23 millions, the Industrial Performance programme is supported by all industry stakeholders. It is financed by the French state, French regional authorities, GIFAS as well as contractors and suppliers.

This programme now boasts 400 SMEs and micro-enterprises organised in 69 clusters – a cluster is made up of a volunteer “Cluster Head” contractors and five to seven suppliers located within the same region if possible – each managed by a contractor.

When a cluster is created, an individual diagnosis phase helps identify the priority improvement lines (flow management, load/capacity analysis, etc.) and training needs for each supplier. An action plan is then set out in accordance with the objectives set in consultation with the company director; the contractor is for its part committed to implementing essential changes.
The changes are supported by training programmes delivered by high-level consultants that SMEs would not be able to access alone.
Of the 69 clusters already formed, 65 are led by contractor who are members of GIFAS.
Alain Kerebel, CEO of Sédéméca: “I am delighted to join the programme as it is going to help us optimise how we organise our industrial production according to major groups’ needs, based on international standards and experience enrichment. We are improving day by day so as to succeed in the production ramp-up”.

Source: GIFAS

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