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Le Bourget


Photo report: VoltAero makes front-page news with its Cassio 330 unveiling and program overview during the 2023 Paris Air Show June 29, 2023 Experience the…

Special Bourget Air Show

Here we present the videos made by AeroMorning day by day on June 19, 20 and 21 at the Paris Air Show 2023; On June…

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Riyadh Air signs deal

Riyadh Air signs deal for 90 GEnx engines to power Boeing 787 Dreamliner Fleet Deal includes GEnx-1B engines and spares, plus a services agreement (LE…

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New aviation professionals

CAE forecasts need to recruit 1.3 million new aviation professionals by 2032 Commercial aviation: 1.18M 252,000 Pilots328,000 Maintenance technicians599,000 Cabin crewBusiness aviation: 106,000 32,000 Pilots74,000…

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Paris Air Show 2023

Paris Air Show 2023 au Bourget du 19 au 25 juin : Eaton lance Green Motion Air, sa borne de recharge pour aéronefs électriques favorisant…