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SOCOMORE and AEROWASH sign an exclusive agreement


SOCOMORE and AEROWASH sign an exclusive agreement for efficient & safe aircraft washing.

On May 31th 2023, SOCOMORE, French chemical solution supplier, and AEROWASH, aircraft washing systems & services provider, signed a worldwide agreement to propose to Airlines and Aircraft Cleaning Service providers a high quality & reduced time washing solution for exterior aircrafts cleaning operations.

AEROWASH, created in 2008, has developed AW3, an automated aircraft washing robot. This automatic machine aims at streamlining the external cleaning process to minimize the aircrafts down time while improving the washing results and the working conditions for your ground support crew.

Combined with SOCOCLEAN EXTERIOR AIRCRAFT CLEANER, a SOCOMORE’ 100% biodegradable concentrated solution for effective cleaning a large variety of pollutants, the AW3 brings improvements for operators, environment, and increased quality for the washing outcome.

– 99% water saved during aircraft cleaning; no rinsing needed.
– No hot water required like high pressure cleaners.
– No wastewater reprocessing1.
– Concentrated solution, less water transportation.
– Reduced man hours & reduced risk of accident (online training platform to help operating the machine).
– Reduced washing time, less grounded aircraft.

SOCOMORE becomes the exclusive supplier for all chemical solutions used in the AEROWASH automated machines worldwide. In addition to its biodegradable solution, SOCOMORE can propose other solutions to fit the airlines or their service provider’ needs. SOCOCLEAN EXTERIOR AIRCRAFT CLEANER is approved by AIRBUS & BOEING.

Supported by its distributor or partner network in North America, United Arab Emirates, India, Japan, and South Asia, AEROWASH already equipped some big Airlines as Air Canada, Finnair, Qatar Airways and Air India, and will continue to develop business on all continents. Thanks to its supply chain which delivers each day its products all over the world,
SOCOMORE can deliver to AEROWASH customers the best solution depending on their requirements.


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