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SGS Part 145 approved for Non-Destructive Testing of aircraft operating in Europe!

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SGS, leader in non-destructive testing in France for aircraft production and assembly sites, has today obtained Part 145 approval for non-destructive testing.

Already present throughout the aviation industry value chain, from design to production through assembly, this international approval extends SGS’s services to maintenance. From now on, SGS will be present through the whole aircraft life cycle, from birth to decommissioning! Ten senior engineers and technicians have already been trained and are operational, and with its subsidiary in Spain, already part 145 approved for NDT, SGS is present throughout Europe, the Maghreb and the Middle-East.

To best meet the requirements of airlines, equipment manufacturers and constructors, and so offer the most complete package possible, SGS made a request to OSAC in France at the beginning of the year to obtain part 145 approval for NDT. 

The specifications were clear, we needed to meet all the criteria set out in the MOE (Maintenance Organisation Exposition). Like, for example, ensuring that the equipment is dedicated to maintenance and placed under lock and key, that our operators are well qualified and that the repair conditions fully meet constructors’ standards to mention just a few,” explained Jean-Luc Le Brigand, Chairman of SGS LE BRIGAND NDT. 

The audit by OSAC took place during the second quarter of 2017 and the result was unveiled today. 

The difficulty for newcomers to EASA approval, like SGS LE BRIGAND NDT, often resides in the need to assimilate the specific technical language required. The relevant skills were there, but it was necessary to adapt the organization and translate the processes into our “language” in order to demonstrate compliance with the regulations, which has now been done. SGS Le Brigand obtained its Part 145 approval in record time due to the ability of its teams to listen carefully and react quickly,” explained Arnaud Calonnec, Head of DOEM Division, OSAC.

“Over 10 years, SGS has become the leader in France with regard to NDT both in the production and manufacture of aircraft. We have deliberately waited to reach this stage in our expertise before positioning ourselves on the maintenance market. With more than 200 technicians certified and qualified in NDT, we benefit from a significant pool of future Part 145-trained personnel thus enabling us to become the European leader,” concluded Eric Sarfati, Chairman SGS France. 

About SGS 

SGS is the world leader in inspection, verification, testing, and certification.Recognised as the benchmark in terms of quality and integrity, SGS has more than 90,000 employees and operates a network of more than 2,000 offices and laboratories around the world. In France SGS endeavours to hold high the group’s values and offer. After more than 130 years of development, SGS in France currently has 2,800 employees working in more than 120 offices and inspection centres, and 34 laboratories. Its services are available throughout procurement chains and in a number of sectors such as agricultural and agri-food products, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, consumer goods, energy, chemistry, the environment, industrial services, etc. Moreover, in France, with the SECURITEST and AUTO SECURITY networks, SGS is the leader in automobile inspections with nearly 2000 inspection centres. To find out more on the SGS

What’s new: From 23 May 2016, SGS in France has been approved by the Ministry to carry out driving tests. Via its interactive platform, ObjectifCode, SGS offers candidates in France the option of registering either as a private candidate or through their driving school. By the end of 2017, 400 classrooms will be available for candidates throughout mainland France and the overseas departments and territories. To find out more

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