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Safran Wins 3 Crystal Cabin Awards 2021

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 SOPHY, the smart trolley solution  

Modulair® concept for Seats, in cooperation with ENCSI, offering an  enhanced comfort  

RAVE Bluetooth  

Paris (France), 31 March 2021  

This year, a first for the Group, Safran wins three Crystal Cabin Awards: “Cabin Systems” category  for SOPHY, the smart trolley solution, “Passenger Comfort Hardware” category for its Modulair®  innovation, a concept offering an enhanced comfort for seats and “IFEC” (IFE & Connectivity)  category for its RAVE Bluetooth.  

SOPHY is a wafer-thin, smart monitoring device for catering trolleys. It provides airlines with a  helicopter view of catering operations, unlocking valuable insights on processes and indicators of a  trolley’s journey. The SOPHY hardware easily integrates within new and existing airline trolleys to  collect, share and communicate real-time data with other SOPHY-activated equipment via a “mesh  network”.  

In the wake of COVID-19, airlines continue to examine how they can improve operations while  decreasing costs. SOPHY’s innovative solution offers opportunities to save on catering costs,  reduce inefficiencies and maximize operations. Additionally, Safran Cabin created a cost-effective  solution that minimizes SOPHY implementation efforts for airlines.  

The Modulair®, a concept created in cooperation with ENCSI (L’École nationale supérieure de  création industrielle, a school based in Paris – France), offers an enhanced comfort experience for  Economy and Premium Economy class seats. It is built on a modular architecture that allows to  integrate a wide range of comfort features. This innovation integrates solutions that target privacy,  rest, space, cleanliness and entertainment. Each feature by its own has its own technological  breakthrough.  

U-DREAM headrest, aligns elegance, softness and ergonomics and is adjustable  according to passenger’s size.  

Double deck Tray Table provides an extra space on top of your regular food tray for your  carry-on belongs that you need while enjoying your meals.  

Fighting-proof Armrest allows the middle seat passenger to enjoy a personal space  without any conflict with adjacent neighbours.  

Lightweight phone & amenity shelf smart allow the passenger to place personal small  objects and cellphones within his eyesight.  

Tablet and Phone Adjustable Holder also acts in perfect correlation with the meal table  and let you enjoy your tablet or smartphone while eating or working. 

RAVE Bluetooth, part of Safran’s inflight entertainment suite of RAVE products, solves the cabin  density and signal overlap issues making Bluetooth audio available for all passengers. The  technology controls power, antenna direction, and protocol while paired with the RAVE Bluetooth  Audio Jack and provides audio connection for all passengers without impact to Wi-Fi coverage.  

“Three winners out of eight categories! Safran thanks the Crystal Cabin Award jury for recognizing  Group’s technologies and their added benefits for both airlines and passengers. These three awards  are new examples of Safran’s focus on innovation for the future of travel.” state Norman Jordan,  CEO of Safran Cabin, Vincent Mascré, CEO of Safran Seats and Matt Smith, CEO of Safran  Passenger Innovations.  

The Crystal Cabin Award is the leading international award for excellence in the field of aircraft  interior innovation. This year, more than 100 concepts from all over the world were presented across  eight categories.

Source: Safran

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