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Press Release – Launch of a Helicopter Service to Courchevel this Ski Season

Good afternoon,

As we conclude European Rotors 2023 in Madrid, we are pleased to share with you a press release and a selection of photos for your kind perusal. We believe this information will be of interest following the event’s discussions and revelations.

Press information: London, 30th November 2023

Get Heli and Alpes Hélicoptères Forge a Partnership for Innovative Helicopter Service, Starting with the Launch of a Helicopter Service to Courchevel this Ski Season

Getting to the Alps is about to get a lot easier and more fun with a new helicopter service, born from a groundbreaking cross-channel partnership between British-based GetHeli and French-based helicopter airline Alpes Hélicoptères, part of Léman Aviation. This collaboration introduces an innovative flight pooling system, set to redefine air travel to the Alps, especially during the ski season, starting with Courchevel.

Innovative Approach to Helicopter Travel:

Flight pooling, the cornerstone of this partnership, allows passengers to book individual seats on helicopters, merging multiple travel requests. This cost-effective system challenges traditional charter models, making luxury air travel more accessible.

Exclusive Bilateral Agreement:

This British-French partnership is underpinned by mutual exclusivity agreements: 

– GetHeli, representing British innovation in aviation, grants Alpes Hélicoptères, a leader in French helicopter services, exclusive rights to use its flight pooling technology in the French and Swiss regions.

– Alpes Hélicoptères commits to channel all its flight pooling bookings through the GetHeli platform, ensuring a unified and efficient service across these regions.

Enhancing Ski Season Travel:

Timed perfectly for the upcoming ski season, this service promises to transform the travel experience to the Alps. It offers a unique, enjoyable, and economical mode of transportation for ski enthusiasts and tourists alike, enhancing the accessibility of Alpine destinations.

About GetHeli:

GetHeli, a pioneering British company in the aviation sector, possesses a deep-rooted helicopter DNA and is on a mission to modernise the rotary passenger transportation industry. Known for its intuitive booking platform and its sophisticated charter instant price algorithm, GetHeli has innovatively introduced heli-pooling – a concept that enables passengers to share helicopter rides, enhancing the accessibility and enjoyment of luxury air travel. Embodying a spirit of innovation, GetHeli leverages smart, user-friendly technology to enhance operational efficiencies and open new avenues in the rotary flight market. The company’s commitment to transforming air travel is evident in its cutting-edge approach, blending British ingenuity with a vision to make helicopter travel accessible and enjoyable for a broader audience.

About Alpes Hélicoptères and Léman Aviation:

Léman Aviation offers tailored solutions for customers looking for personal and professional management of their private helicopter needs: sales and acquisitions, fractional ownership, helicopter operations and charter management (Alpes Hélicoptères), maintenance, and training. Headquartered in Switzerland and France, and with a strong footprint in Monaco and on the French Riviera, Leman Aviation delivers world-class helicopter services meeting the highest industry standards.

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