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Momotane Take Off! The First Generation of the Peach Pilot Challenge Program are Promoted to Co-Pilots

The first generation of the pilot training program “Peach Pilot Challenge Program with Ai

After Five Years of Training, the New Professionals Take to the Skies of Asia

  • Four cadets from the first generation of the Pilot Challenge Program have finished the entire course
  • Having completed five years of training, the cadets were promoted to co-pilots as of January 2024
  • The fifth generation Pilot Challenge Program cadets are expected to start at the company in April 2024

Osaka, January 29, 2024 – Peach Aviation Limited (“Peach”; Representative Director and CEO:
Kazunari Ohashi) has announced that the four cadets who formed the first generation of the pilot training program “Peach Pilot Challenge Program with Airbus” have been promoted to co-pilots.

The “Pilot Challenge Program with Airbus” provides practical training to selected individuals who want to become pilots, while reducing their financial burden. This program makes it possible for successful applicants to obtain the licenses necessary to become airline pilots based on a high- level pilot training program selected by Peach and with the support of the ANA Group. The cadets who took part in our program, filled with hope and potential are known affectionately as “Momotane” (Peach seed) within the company.

The four trainees who joined the program as its first generation in April 2019 have completed training for the EASA license1 overseas, and for the JCAB license2 domestically, steadily walking the path to becoming a pilot. Although there were forced changes to the program due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the cadets were taken through training for type rating*3 through simulators and route training in actual aircraft as part of the co-pilot promotion program starting in March 2022. And, in January 2024, after five years of training, cadets passed the co-pilots designation check *4 and were promoted to co-pilots.

The first generation of Momotane who passed the co-pilots designation check, as the first to take on this challenge, did not have predecessors to compare their progress and capabilities with, instead relying on mutual encouragement to overcome the difficult training program. The four cadets who will now spread their wings across Asia will not forget their training but will continue to strive for self-improvement as professionals tasked with the safety of the skies.

The Pilot Challenge Program has accepted cadets up to the current fourth generation, from a range of differing ages and backgrounds, who work hard on their day-to-day training. The fifth generation is expected to start at the company this April. In addition, “Peach Pilot Training Program with Airbus” information sessions are scheduled for this January and February. Please see the next section for further details.

Peach will continue to support passionate individuals who dream of becoming pilots and continue to grow alongside our colleagues who take to the stages in the skies of Asia. And by training as many pilots as possible, we will contribute to the growth of future aviation demand.

*1 The EASA License is issued by European Union Aviation Safety Agency member countries *2 The JCAB License is issued by the Civil Aviation Bureau of Japan’s Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport *3 Type ratings are licenses to pilot specific aircraft (e.g., Airbus A320 / A321) *4 Co-pilots designation check is a license which determines if cadets possess the skills and knowledge necessary to become co-pilots

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