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Lincad’s Caravel Mk2 Charger can discharge lithium-ion batteries to meet new IATA regulations

lincad-s-caravel-mk2-charger-can-discharge-lithium-ion-batteries-to-meet-new-iata-regulations-aeromorning.comLincad’s Caravel Mk2 Charger can discharge lithium-ion batteries to meet new IATA regulations@Lincad

Press Release – 15th April 2016

Lincad, a leader in the design and manufacture of bespoke batteries, chargers and power management systems, is pleased to offer a solution to any organisation needing to transport lithium-ion batteries under the new regulations introduced by IATA.

From April 1st 2016, certain lithium-ion batteries (UN3480, PI 965) are prohibited as cargo on passenger aircraft and must therefore only be shipped on cargo aircraft. Furthermore, these batteries must be shipped at a state of charge of no more than 30% of their rated capacity. Lincad’s Caravel Mk2 Charger, a cutting edge product offering multi-chemistry charging of batteries from any OEM, has in-built functionality that enables it to discharge lithium-ion batteries to meet this 30% state of charge transportation limit. It also offers functionality to allow discharge of batteries to a state of charge level most suitable for long-term battery storage.

Peter Slade, Lincad’s Project Manager, commented: “Being at the forefront of lithium-ion battery technology and design, we’re obviously very aware of the growing use of lithium-ion batteries to power a vast variety of consumer and industrial products. So we’re delighted that our Caravel Mk2 Charger can provide all those involved in the supply chain with such an easy way to ensure that any lithium-ion batteries can be shipped in full compliance with the new IATA regulations.

More information on the regulations can be found at:

Source : Lincad

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