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Italian aerospace exports poised to hit $6.2 billion by 2026 – ITA @ Dubai Air Show

Italian aerospace exports poised to hit $6.2 billion by 2026 - ITA @ Dubai Air Show

DUBAI, UAE – 10th November 2023: Italy, a global key player in the aviation and aerospace industry, is gearing up to exhibit its cutting-edge technologies and innovative solutions at the prestigious Dubai Airshow 2023. The event, one of the world’s most significant gatherings for the aviation, space exploration, and defense sectors, will serve as a platform for Italy to showcase its unwavering commitment to industry advancement. Held at DWC airport from 13th to 17th November, Dubai Airshow 2023, promises to be ‘futuristic,’ spotlighting the latest in mobility, aviation, and space. Italy has asserted its leadership across various sectors of aeronautics and space, with an extraordinary 80% of the Italian supply chain of SMEs. At Dubai Air Show 2023, over 40 Italian companies will be represented with 22 SMEs exhibiting within the official Italian Trade Agency pavilion and 9 companies showcasing under the Puglia Region stand.

A collaborative effort by The Italian Trade Agency in partnership with the Embassy of Italy in the UAE, the Consulate General in Dubai and the Italian Industries Federation of Aerospace, Defense, and Security (AIAD), Italy’s participation at Dubai Airshow 2023 marks a major stride in enhancing the global footprint of its aerospace industry. Italy’s steadfast commitment to technological progress and international cooperation reaffirms its influential position in shaping the global aerospace arena. As a celebrated hub for aerospace innovation and exquisite craftsmanship, Italy is primed to captivate visitors with its outstanding offerings, underscoring the nation’s resolute pledge to driving the future of aerospace technology and excellence.

“I am pleased to welcome Italian companies to the Dubai Air Show 2023 and delighted to present 22 high-tech SMEs proudly exhibiting under the Italian Trade Agency banner. Their presence at this prestigious event, reaffirms our role in delivering global exposure and opportunities to the thriving UAE market”, said His Excellency Lorenzo Fanara, Ambassador of Italy to the UAE.

Italy’s aerospace industry is assuming an increasingly critical role in the nation’s economic development, securing the 4th position in Europe and the 7th globally within the Italian Aviation Industry. Boasting notable leadership positions in civil helicopters, regional aircraft, and propulsion, Italian aeronautics and space companies leverage advanced technological skills and production knowledge, serving as crucial growth drivers for the sector. Projections indicate a burgeoning growth in Italian Aerospace Imports, expected to reach $3.6 billion by 2026, with an average yearly growth rate of 0.6% since 1986. Furthermore, Italian Aerospace Exports are poised to reach $6.2 billion by 2026, securing the 10th position among leading global exports. The financial insights underscore the industry’s prowess, revealing a consistent increase in revenue streams driven by technological innovation, skilled craftsmanship, and strategic partnerships. This solidifies Italy’s position as a key player in the international aviation arena and emphasizes its noteworthy contribution to the nation’s economic prosperity.

“The Dubai Airshow is bringing the aviation industry back together and we are glad to give 22 Italian SMEs the opportunity to attend one of the world’s most important aviation events where the future of mobility, space exploration and defence are showcased. In 2022, exports of the Italian aerospace sector to the UAE increased by 25% making a signal of the exceptional expertise of the Italian aerospace industry and its deep connections with the UAE market. The Italian Trade Agency is presenting the Italian exhibitors at Dubai Air Show 2023 with the motto: Sustainability is SustainabITALY”, stated Amedeo Scarpa, Italian Trade Commissioner to the UAE

Italian representation at the Dubai Airshow asserts a resounding renewal, showcasing an impressive array that cements its stature in aerospace, defense, and security equipment production. This year’s edition promises a spotlight on cutting-edge aviation, defense, and space technologies, creating unprecedented opportunities for collaboration and partnerships. Visitors will be immersed in a diverse spectrum of aerospace products, spanning advanced electronic equipment and power systems to ground support equipment, aviation components, and cutting-edge software for space applications. The official Italian Pavilion emerges as a nexus of innovation, unveiling a comprehensive range of state-of-the-art aerospace solutions, including advanced avionics, precision electrical systems for aerospace and defense, top-tier ground support equipment, aerospace components, and specialized software for advanced mission analysis, planning, and space simulation.

Visit the pavilion to explore technology, innovation, quality, and craftsmanship Italy is renowned for. Get latest news and updates from @ITAdubai on Twitter, @ITAdubai on Instagram, ITA – Dubai Office on LinkedIn, and Italian Trade Agency on YouTube.

Source : Dubai Airshow 

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