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Israel Ministry of Defense leads delegation to prestigious 2023 Paris Air Show

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Israel Ministry of Defense leads delegation to prestigious 2023 Paris Air Show following record-breaking defense exports in 2022.

The Israel Ministry of Defense’s International Defense Cooperation Directorate (SIBAT) will inaugurate the Israeli national pavilion at the highly esteemed 2023 Paris Air Show together with 17 Israeli defense industries. This event comes following a record-breaking year for Israeli defense exports, which reached an unprecedented peak amounting to over $12.5 billion dollars in 2022, compared to $11.3 billion in 2021. Israeli defense exports have doubled in less than a decade and increased by 50% in 3 years.
The Israeli delegation is led by Minister of Defense Yoav Gallant, IMoD Director General Maj. Gen. (Res.) Eyal Zamir, Director of SIBAT Brig. Gen. (Res.) Yair Kulas, along with senior representatives from the Israeli defense establishment. The leaders will engage in discussions and foster collaborations with global counterparts to further advance Israeli defense industries and strengthen official partnerships.
Renowned as the world’s largest air and aerospace defense exhibition, the Paris Air Show attracts a diverse range of exhibitors, official delegations, professionals, and audiences. Occurring biennially, this year’s event will witness the participation of approximately 150,000 professionals and over 2,500 defense industries, all showcasing their cutting-edge technological solutions in the aerospace, civilian, and defense sectors. 
Director of SIBAT, Brig. Gen. (Res.) Yair Kulas: “Defense industrial cooperation stands as a vital cornerstone of our strategic defense alliances with partners worldwide. Israel’s defense establishment and industries have long been at the forefront of pioneering defense technology and solutions, earning international recognition and trust in our technological capabilities. We are honored to participate in this esteemed exhibition and look forward to further fruitful collaborations with our counterparts.”
Israeli defense industries will present an impressive array of technological solutions at the national pavilion including air defense systems, unmanned aerial systems, radar and laser technologies, missile warning systems, and advanced command and control solutions. Notable technological solutions will include air defense systems, unmanned aerial systems, radar, laser, and missile warning systems, command and control solutions and more.  
Israeli defense industries participating in the national pavilion include:  Aeronautics, Ashot Ashkelon Industries, Bet Shemesh Engines, Bird Aerosystems, Bluebird Aero Systems, Copterpix, Creomagic, CTI-INTL Solutions, Elbit Systems, Enercon Technologies, Israel Aerospace Industries, Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, SpearUAV, Steadicopter, Thermal Beacon, Tomer – A Government Owned Company, and UVISION Air. 

Additional Information:

About SIBAT:

Israel is known for its groundbreaking defense systems, which are developed by its defense industries and implemented across the globe. These innovative systems provide effective, advanced capabilities to counter a variety of threats and challenges. SIBAT, the International Defense Cooperation Directorate at Israel’s Ministry of Defense (IMOD), is uniquely positioned as an essential division within the ministry, while also maintaining a close relationship with the defense industry. Bridging between the industries and the defense establishment, SIBAT remains informed in a fast-paced and dynamic field, while also recognizing the operational needs of the IDF and the defense etsablishment as a whole. SIBAT has amassed the capabilities and experience required in order to operate effectively within Government-to-Government, Business-to-Government and Business-to-Business frameworks. The directorate’s extensive global presence with  well-trained representatives stationed around the world, enables effective cooperation and coordination between Israel and its international partners (both companies and governments).
SIBAT’s operations and services include Government-to-Government agreements, initiating official foreign delegations, identifying business opportunities with Israeli defense industries, finding technological solutions for specific operational requirements, establishing joint ventures, conducting advanced training seminars, managing the sales of Israel Defense Forces inventory, providing quality assurance & technical support services for GTG agreements, showcasing Israel’s technologies and capabilities by inaugurating Israeli national pavilions at defense exhibitions around the world, and more. 

About the Israel Ministry of Defense:

Israel’s Ministry of Defense is responsible for protecting and securing Israel and its civilians through political, military and social means. It provides solutions to tackle Israel’s security challenges by strengthening the IDF, promoting the research and development of advanced technology, encouraging Israel’s defense exports, supporting local industries and promoting social involvement. The mission of the Ministry of Defense is to shape and actualize the national security objectives under its responsibility, to support the IDF’s force build-up and operations, and to contribute to areas of society, technology, industry and foreign defense relations.

Source: Israel Ministry of Defense

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