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Hygiene Attendant: Another new initiative from AEGEAN airlines for safer travel

Copyright : AEGEAN

Athens, 22 October 2020

Focusing on passengers’ safety and aiming for air travel to remain amongst the safest travel means, AEGEAN introduces to its passengers the Hygiene Attendants. Hygiene Attendants will bear a special insignia and will assist passengers to follow all safety measures while boarding, in flight, and during disembarkation and thus assuring that air travel remains the safest way to travel not only for themselves but also for their fellow passengers and the cabin crew.

Hygiene Attendants, through a pleasant disposition while always understanding of the new circumstances imposed to the passengers due to the pandemic, will kindly remind all passengers:

  • the correct and continuous use of masks in flight, whilst simultaneously caring for its use during certain circumstances such as during the consumption of snacks and beverages
  • to keep distances while boarding and disembarking the aircraft as well as limit their mobility during the flight

and answer to any queries passengers may have, concerning safety measures, safety protocols, cleaning and disinfecting processes, the air circulation and recycling process in the cabin, etc.

As safety measures against the pandemic have affected our lives, and respectively the way we travel, we at AEGEAN, are working towards continuing to provide the same high level of service, care and warmth that our passengers have been accustomed to throughout the years. Hygiene Attendants will be by your side and help you travel more confidently and with peace of mind, whilst making sure that all necessary safety and prevention measures are implemented. After all, according to recent studies, air travel remains the safest way to travel, as the risk of passengers being infected by the COVID-19 virus in an aircraft has been proven to be extremely low”, stated Mr. Giannis Tzovanis, AEGEAN’s Cabin Crew Manager

AEGEAN’s commitment and care for the health and safety of its people and passengers, have been its top priority since the beginning of the pandemic by increasing the regular cleaning of the aircraft between all flights and intensifying disinfection procedures. Furthermore, and as air travel resumed, AEGEAN quickly adjusted to the new circumstances and followed throughout all its flights and at each level of the passenger’s trip, new processes and enhanced health and safety measures, while always remaining in close cooperation with the authorities. At the same time, AEGEAN implements a regular fortnightly preventive COVID-19 molecular testing program to its cabin crew and selected non-flight staff, further ensuring the safety of passengers and cabin crew, and has so far conducted more than 13,000 COVID-19 molecular tests on its workforce.

Finally, a recent study of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) showcased the low probability of contracting COVID-19 during flights, revealing that since the beginning of 2020, only 44 COVID-19 cases seem to have been related to air travel, whilst in that same period more than 1.2 billion passengers travelled. That is 1 case for every 27 million travelers.

Source : AEGEAN

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