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How to use space to conserve history

How to use space to conserve history

Space can help to identify historic landscapes and conserve cultural buildings. Find out how by joining a free ESA digital workshop introduced by UNESCO’s chief cultural heritage manager alongside ESA’s director general.

Some 5% of the 869 World Heritage sites important for cultural heritage are in danger, many of which are hard to reach in person due to travel restrictions, natural disasters or conflicts.

Satellite data combined with artificial intelligence and machine learning can help to monitor and preserve these sites by providing a constant flow of valuable data.

Cultural heritage managers who might rely on other sources of information are invited to attend the workshop.

Ernesto Ramirez Ottone, Assistant Director-General for Culture at UNESCO, will introduce the session, wich begins at 9:00 CET on Wednesday 24 February. It will be moderated by Marco Ferrazzani, Head of Legal Services at ESA.

Speakers include: Bjørgo Einar, director of satellite analysis and applied research within the UN’s Institute for Training and Research Operational Satellite Applications Programme; Grazia Fiore, project manager at the Eurisy association of European space agencies; Anne Grady, cultural heritage expert at the European Commission; Sarah Kenderdine, professor of digital museology at Ecole Polytecnique de Lausanne; Gabriele Sorrento, chief executive of the Mindesk virtual reality software company; and Arianna Traviglia, coordinator of the Italian Institute of Technology Centre for Cultural Heritage Technology.

Source : ESA

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