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From a small start-up to a global company

AeroMorning : Mr Gerado RICHARTE, as one of the founders of the company and CTO (Chief Technical Officer), can you present in a few words your company Satellogic?

Mr Gerado RICHARTE Satellogic CTO : Satellogic was founded in 2010 by a few Argentinian engineers working in Silicon Valley. Now the company has offices established across three continents, to include in Buenos Aires and Córdoba, Argentina; Montevideo, Uruguay, Barcelona, Spain, Tel Aviv, Israel, and Charlotte, NC, United States.

What’s unique about Satellogic is that we created a small, light, and inexpensive Earth Observation satellite model that can be produced at scale: less than 45 kg, volume inside 50 cm X 50 cm X 1m, about 500 km orbit altitude, Image resolution is below one meter. Each commercial satellite carries two payloads – a high resolution multispectral imaging (color submeter resolution) and an experimental hyperspectral camera).
Since 2010, the company has grown from a small start-up to a global company with customers around the world, building and operating one of the largest microsatellite constellations for Earth Observation.
Currently, Satellogic has 30 satellites in operation in space and staff of 350+ people. Satellogic is building a 200+ satellite constellation as a scalable Earth observation platform with the ability to weekly remap the entire planet at high resolution to provide affordable geospatial insights for daily decision making. Microsatellite service life is about 3 years, when some are lasting longer. At the end of their life, satellites return back to Earth, burning as they travel through the atmosphere.

AeroMorning : what are Satellogic main revenue sources ?

Mr Gerado RICHARTE Satellogic CTO :
Satellogic revenues are today built on 3 service lines: Asset monitoring, Constellation-as-a-Service, Space Systems (or satellite sales).

  • With Asset monitoring, customers can access high frequency/ high resolution images of assets. For example, insurance companies are using this capacity before and after any event on an insured item such as a factory, a building, etc;
  • With Constellation-as-a-Service, a government can control any area of interest, ensure sovereignty over its territory, etc. For example, in September 2022 Satellogic signed a 3 years agreement with Albania over pressing issues involving agriculture management illegal crops, illegal construction activity, traffic management, wildfire monitoring, border security, and environmental monitoring.
  • With Space Systems, Satellogic can build and ensure launch for a customer looking for a microsatellite starting at less than 10 M USD price today.

AeroMorning : Satellogic’s competitors and similar companies include Spire Global (US), York Space Systems (US), BlackSky Technology (US), Planet Labs (US), Oneweb Satellites, and some other ones in Europe and Asia (China, India). Is the microsatellite market size sufficient to support so many actors?

Mr Gerado RICHARTE Satellogic CTO :
Satellogic is looking to a sizable part of this market, addressing two of the more prominent challenges: available capacity and pricing.

  • Satellogic currently operates the largest commercial fleet of sub-meter resolution satellites with industry-leading frequency, capturing select global points of interest up to 7 times daily. As a fully vertically integrated company, Satellogic leverages its internal cost-efficiences to deliver a quality product far below industry average pricing, enabling more markets and customers to afford critical data and/or satellites to join the rapidly growing New Space economy.

The size of the worldwide microsatellite and derived EO data market, it is today estimated to 140 billion USD over the next 5 years. Well enough for several players and Satellogic.

AeroMorning : We thank you Mr Gerardo RICHARTE for your sharing your time, presenting Satellogic interesting activities on the “New Space Economy” and wish your company all the development and growth it deserves, on this new field of human activities. Nadia Didelot for AeroMorning

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