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Fiji Airways to use Assaia turnaround technology

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Passenger Terminal Expo, Frankfurt, 16 April 2024 – Fiji Airways, Fiji’s National Airline, is taking notable steps to further optimize its operational performance and enhance a seamless travel experience for passengers.

It has partnered with leading aviation software company Assaia, to acquire its cutting-edge TurnaroundControl solution to maximize on-time performance.

Powered by innovative computer vision event detection technology, this specialized tool allows airlines and ground handlers to monitor, manage, and optimize their turnaround operations efficiently.

Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer Mr Andre Viljoen says the company embraces technological advancements that improve the business and customers’ journey.

“With the implementation of Assaia’s TurnaroundControl, we aim to elevate our already impressive operational efficiency to new heights.

“Our operational team will be able to closely track and manage all turnarounds which we are responsible for. The interface provides live videos, facilitating real-time monitoring and decision-making.”

By engaging with leading airline specialists and benchmarking against the “world’s best” airlines, Fiji Airways constantly strives to enhance its business model and deliver the highest standards of service.

“Peak efficiency is one of the pillars of commercial aviation which requires investment in back-end operations and innovations that keep us efficient and at optimum performance, helping deliver the highest standards of service,” Mr Viljoen added.

“Assaia is thrilled to announce Fiji Airways as our first airline customer in the AsiaPac region,” said Christiaan Hen, CEO at Assaia.

“This collaboration represents a significant milestone for us and demonstrates Fiji Airways’ commitment to innovation and operational excellence. We are excited to work together to optimize Fiji Airways’ on-time performance, safety, and sustainability metrics.” Christiaan continued, “We have noted growing interest in our turnaround optimization solution in the AsiaPac region as they plan for the expected growth in passengers and we will be well placed to assist airports and airlines to optimize their turnarounds”

The integration of Assaia’s  TurnaroundControl aligns with Fiji Airways’ commitment to providing an exceptional travel experience for all guests.

About Fiji Airways: Founded in 1951, Fiji Airways Group comprises of Fiji Airways, Fiji’s National Airline and its subsidiaries: Fiji Link, its domestic and regional carrier, Pacific Call Comm Ltd, and a 38.75% stake in the Sofitel Fiji Resort & Spa on Denarau Island, Nadi. From its hubs at Nadi and Suva International Airports, Fiji Airways and Fiji Link serve 108 destinations in over 15 countries (including code-share). Destinations include Fiji, Australia, New Zealand, the US, Canada, the UK, Hong Kong (SAR China), Singapore, India, Japan, China, Samoa, Tonga, Tuvalu, Kiribati, Vanuatu, Solomon Islands and New Caledonia. The Fiji Airways Group brings in 70 percent of all visitors who fly to Fiji, employs over 1000 employees, and earn revenues of over FJD$1.5 billion (USD $680m). Fiji Airways rebranded from Air Pacific in June 2013. Visit for more information

About Assaia: Assaia International AG is an aviation software company that is on a mission to use technology for the optimization of the aviation industry. It uses a combination of Artificial Intelligence and computer vision to provide airports and airlines with complete visibility of turnaround operations at the airport.

Assaia gives airports and airlines control over turnaround operations, enabling them to predict issues and automate processes to make them more efficient. Assaia’s solutions create a safer, faster and more sustainable ecosystem so passengers can feel confident they are traveling on time, safely, and sustainably.

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