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Dassault Aviation Wins Choiseul “Strategic Company” Award

Dassault Aviation Wins Choiseul “Strategic Company” Award

(Saint-Cloud, November 29, 2023) – Dassault Aviation is particularly proud to have received the 2023 Strategic Company Award as part of the Institut Choiseul’s Sovereignty Initiative. The institute believes that strategic companies represent one of the many facets of national strength. Award recipients are known for their capacity to effectively mobilize resources and know-how, and to provide solutions that meet national priorities. They are a cornerstone of
French strategic heritage.

Dassault Aviation is an industrial architect and complex systems integrator, a developer of strategic technologies, a major national exporter, a core shareholder of the Thales Group and a vital player in an industrial landscape that includes hundreds of business and service partners. The company is at the core of the French sovereign defense ecosystem. Dassault Aviation is also the only non-American company that manufactures high-end business jets. Its
dual expertise, commercial and military, guarantees economic sustainability and shared technical expertise.

“Leaders, engineers, technicians and skilled operators: at Dassault Aviation we are all committed to the company’s strategic role in order to ensure the superiority of French combat aircraft and the durability of the industry’s ecosystem. Our mission is dear to our hearts; its recognition by the Institut Choiseul is an incredible source of pride. On behalf of the company’s employees, I wish to extend my warmest thanks to the jury. I also wish to thank the institute for
having created and sustained the sovereignty awards, a groundbreaking and welcome initiative”, declared Éric Trappier, Chairman and CEO of Dassault Aviation, who accepted the award on behalf of the company.

Source : Dassault Aviation

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