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Czech Airlines is profitable

Czech Airlines Technics Is Profitable for the First Time Since the Pandemic; Generating Profit of 41 Million Crowns Last Year

Prague, 17 April 2024

Czech Airlines Technics (CSAT), a daughter company of Prague Airport, has recorded a financially successful year for the first time since 2019. Thanks to the gradual resumption of operation of the entire segment, the increase in the volume of the services provided, and the full use of available capacity, the EBITDA operating profit increased by 45 million crowns year-on-year to 64 million and the company recorded a net profit of 41 million crowns for the first time since the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak.   

“I am pleased that after three challenging years, we managed to stabilise the company’s economic performance and returned it in the black. Last year, we managed to complete 76 base maintenance job orders for our long-term clients and leasing companies, and we also made full use of our capacity of the landing gear overhauls unit. I believe that the positive trend will continue this year thanks to long-term agreements with our important partners. We expect further performance improvement to be propelled by the continued recruitment of aircraft mechanics and increasing sales volume of the Components and Spares division,” Petr Doberský, Chairman of the Czech Airlines Technics Board of Directors, said.

As part of aircraft base maintenance, regular mandatory inspections, more demanding repairs, modifications of aircraft systems, structures, and cabin interiors, as well as replacements of engines, landing gear, and other spare parts are performed. During the main maintenance season, which runs from October to May, Czech Airlines Technics mainly processes orders from long-term clients, namely Transavia, Austrian Airlines, and Finnair. In 2023, the company performed a total of 76 base maintenance revisions on B737, B737 MAX, A320 Family, and A321neo aircraft for its customers. Above all, outside the main season, the company focuses on job orders from leasing companies. 

About Czech Airlines Technics

Czech Airlines Technics, a daughter company of Prague Airport, focuses primarily on aircraft repair and maintenance and aircraft equipment within the scope of Base Maintenance, Line Maintenance, Components Maintenance, Engineering, and Landing Gear Maintenance. In 2018, the company entered the aircraft consumables sales market segment, offering, for example, aircraft spare parts, and, as a follow-up, launched for its customers an E-Commerce portal Above the scope of general maintenance, Czech Airlines Technics’ portfolio of services provided comprises the ability to perform various modifications and service bulletins, structural repairs, engine exchanges, and exchanges and repairs of landing gear and other aircraft components. It is also interesting to mention the modification of Split Scimitar Winglets of Boeing 737NG aircraft, performed by Czech Airlines Technics as the first company in continental Europe, and the Sharklet modifications of Airbus A320 aircraft. The company has also experience with installation of a satellite antenna, an in-flight Wi-Fi system, a cabin modification, called ‘Spaceflex’, and pylon corrosion repairs. source: Czech Airlines Technics

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