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Capacity challenges facing European aviation

Capacity challenges facing European aviation

Eamonn Brennan, Director General of EUROCONTROL, recently gave an overview of the capacity challenges facing European aviation in an article published in the European Regions Airline Association’s (ERA) Regional International magazine.

In the article, Mr Brennan raises the point of the ever-growing demand for more capacity and outlines several of our short and longer-term mitigation efforts. 

“Our experience and expertise are widely recognised and we are committed to improving the performance of European aviation,” said Mr Brennan.

In the article, he lists several developments, both short-term measures and long term plans, including:  

  • the EUROCONTROL Network Manager’s work with air navigation service providers and aircraft operators to improve capacity and predictability;
  • our coordination efforts with military stakeholders; 
  • SESAR research efforts to deliver sustainable solutions to the sector’s capacity challenges

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