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Agreement signed at Paris Air Show


  • Agreement signed at Paris Air Show
  • First delivery expected in October 2023
    Paris | 19 June 2023: Avolon, the international aircraft leasing company, has announced a firm
    commitment to lease three Airbus A330neo aircraft to SalamAir, Oman’s value-for-money airline. A
    letter of intent was signed at the Paris Air Show on 19 June 2023, and the first delivery is expected to
    be in October 2023.
  • The introduction of three new Airbus A330neo widebody aircraft will bring significant advantages to
    SalamAir and support the airline’s fleet and network expansion plans. These modern aircraft feature a
    dual-class configuration with 365 economy seats and 12 premium flatbed seats, allowing for enhanced
    passenger comfort and capacity. The A330neo offers a substantial increase in distance compared to
    SalamAir’s existing fleet.
  • One notable advantage of the A330neo is its improved fuel efficiency, resulting in reduced fuel
    consumption and lower CO2 emissions when compared to previous generation aircraft. This contributes
    to a decrease in operational costs for the airline, aligning with their commitment to environmental
  • Captain Mohamed Ahmed, CEO of SalamAir, commented:
    “The decision to introduce the Airbus A330neo complements the existing fleet of Airbus aircraft,
    which includes the A320neo, A321neo, and an A321 freighter. By adding the A330neo to the
    fleet, SalamAir aims to enhance its capacity, meet the growing demands of the market, and
    attract more inbound tourists, aligning with the objectives of Oman’s Vision 2040.
    “The extended range of the A330neo will allow SalamAir to efficiently serve medium-range
    destinations, particularly in the Far East and Europe. This expanded reach not only improves
    passenger convenience but also enhances the airline’s competitiveness in the market. It enables
    SalamAir to strengthen its network and seize opportunities for further growth and expansion.”
    Paul Geaney, President & Chief Commercial Officer of Avolon, commented:

  • “We are delighted to welcome SalamAir as a new customer, bringing the fuel-efficiency benefits
    of the A330neo to another airline. Since their launch, SalamAir’s low-cost model has proven a
    great success, and these new aircraft will support their plans to offer their growing number of
    passengers greater capacity and comfort. The expansion of aviation traffic in the Middle East is
    set to continue and the region is a focus for further leasing opportunities for Avolon.”
    Mikail Houari, President, Africa and Middle East at Airbus, commented:
    “We are delighted that SalamAir has chosen the A330neo aircraft which offers unique
    operational versatility with cost and environmental benefits. The A330neo stands out among the
    wide-body segment with its superior fuel efficiency and range, advanced aerodynamics and
    technologies, as well as enhanced passenger comfort due to its spacious cabin.”

About Avolon:

Headquartered in Ireland, with offices in the United States, Dubai, Singapore and Hong Kong, Avolon provides
aircraft leasing and lease management services. Avolon is 70% owned by an indirect subsidiary of Bohai Leasing
Co., Ltd., a public company listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange (SLE: 000415) and 30% owned by ORIX
Aviation Systems Limited, a subsidiary of ORIX Corporation which is listed on the Tokyo and New York Stock
Exchanges (TSE: 8591; NYSE: IX). Avolon is a global leader in aircraft leasing with an owned, managed and
committed fleet, as of 31 March 2023 of 830 aircraft.
About SalamAir
SalamAir commenced its commercial operations in 2017, intending to set new standards in the aviation industry
in Oman. SalamAir meets the country’s increasing demand for affordable travel options and aims to generate
further opportunities for employment and business creation in various Oman sectors. In six years, SalamAir has
achieved growth in its operations and expanded its region’s reach. SalamAir was awarded Oman’s Most Trusted
Brand 2022 and The Youngest Fleet in Asia for 2021 and 2022 by Ch-Aviation. It operates six A320neo, six
A321neo, and one Airbus A321 freighter.
About Airbus
Airbus pioneers sustainable aerospace for a safe and united world. The Company constantly innovates to provide
the most efficient and technologically-advanced solutions in aerospace, defence, and connected services. In
commercial aircraft, Airbus offers the most modern and fuel-efficient airliners. Airbus is also a European leader in
defence and security and one of the world’s leading space businesses. In helicopters, Airbus provides the most
efficient civil and military rotorcraft solutions worldwide.

Source: Avolon

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