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AIA’s Melcher: “Megatrends” That Demand Focus in 2017

ARLINGTON, Va., Dec. 6, 2016 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Aerospace Industries Association’s President and Chief Executive Officer Dave Melcher today articulated industry priorities with the new administration and the 115th Congress, and what the aerospace and defense industry must accomplish to help advance America’s fundamental interests in 2017 and beyond.

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In a speech before more than 300 industry and media representatives, Melcher outlined four “Megatrends” that are shaping a challenging policy arena in both Washington D.C. and a rapidly changing global environment. AIA is calling attention to these trends and outlining the actions necessary on its priorities to affect positive change in Washington in the areas of national security, stimulating the economy and bolstering American jobs.

The four Megatrends include: The State of Deficit Politics, U.S. Leadership in a Global Economy, Smart Regulations, and Digital Economy.

“The sorry state of deficit politics is the first Megatrend that requires much greater attention,” said Melcher. “We deeply regret the prolonged budget uncertainty, and unthinking austerity of recent years?especially when it comes to funding real and emerging security needs, and the technological investment that will pay untold dividends in the civil aviation and space arenas.”

“Second, we’re disturbed by the increasing threats to policies that expand our industry’s trade competitiveness that have led to self-inflicted wounds to U.S. leadership in a global economy. We intend to continue assertively making the case for positive engagement in global trade.”

“Third, we see a need for smart regulation to reduce the burden imposed by government rules, regulations and executive orders on industry.”

“And fourth, the rapid transition to a digital global economy that we’re witnessing presents significant opportunities and challenges as more attention is paid to big data analytics and addressing cyber risks,” he said.

With these Megatrends influencing all aspects of the aerospace and defense enterprise, AIA outlined its priority goals aimed at affecting positive change in Washington and our industry. Those priorities focus on national security, a new Security Cooperation Doctrine, adherence to a federal fiscal year, approving directors for the Export Import Bank of the U.S., FAA reauthorization, selling American goods and services, and several others.

“So as we seek clear paths for future economic growth, we need to build on our strengths,” Melcher said. “We must make a conscious decision to invest in the national security, civil space, aeronautics and 21st century air transportation systems. This will assure that our nation remains at the forefront of innovation, continues to be the hub for providing good quality middle class jobs for millions of Americans, and keeps inspiring our youth to dare to dream great dreams.”

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