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Acute Radiation Risks Tool (ARRT) Development for the Upcoming Human Exploration Missions

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New software will allow NASA ground control to analyze radiation exposure measurements taken aboard crewed spacecraft in real time while simultaneously assessing health-related risks and outcomes. A description of the new tool is detailed in a new study in the AGU journal Space Weather.  

Travel beyond Earth’s protection exposes astronauts to dangerous radiation from deep space and the Sun. Particularly, large quantities of energetic particles following flares or coronal mass ejections from the Sun are big concerns because they can cause mild to severe radiation sickness, including organ failure and death.

NASA’s planned Artemis missions could see humans returning to the moon for the first time in just under 50 years. These astronauts will have a higher risk of exposure than visitors to the space station in low Earth orbit. 

The new software package, called ARRT (Acute Radiation Risk Tool), automatically predicts the health risks associated with the duration and severity of the exposure, allowing ground control to make tailored medical recommendations for the crew.

Source : Nasa

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