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Saab chooses Safran’s Auxiliary Power System for use in Boeing T-X

Saab chooses Safran's Auxiliary Power System for use in Boeing T-X

Paris Air Show, Le Bourget – June 18, 2019
Safran Electrical & Power and the Swedish defence and security company Saab, today signed an agreement to supply the Auxiliary Power System for the Boeing T-X military training aircraft – developed jointly by Boeing and Saab – for the US Air Force.
The Auxiliary Power System is the system used to provide electrical and hydraulic power to the aircraft during start-up on ground and emergency in flight. It consists of a complete system that provides levels of redundancy to power the electrical and hydraulic systems.
This system will be manufactured at Safran’s factory in Pitstone, Great Britain, and then delivered to Saab. It incorporates advanced technology, the result of Safran Electrical & Power’s long experience in power generation systems for the aerospace industry.
Boeing T-X is the military training aircraft intended for use by future U.S Air Force pilots. It is set to replace the T-38 Talon, which has been in service since 1961.
“We are very excited to be working with Saab on this new journey. Our collaboration started in 2011 on the Gripen program. This new partnership to supply systems for the Boeing T-X further broadens our portfolio and confirms that Safran is now a major partner in the military aviation market,” said Hervé Blanc, Vice President and General Manager of Safran Electrical & Power’s Power division.
“Saab is happy to have Safran on-board as a supplier for our work with the Boeing T-X advanced pilot training system. We have a long history together in the Gripen program and look forward to working together on this program as well” said Mikael Heelge, Vice President and Head of Strategic Sourcing, Business Area Aeronautics, Saab.

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