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Rostec cooperation with Saudi Arabia and China. Dubai Airshow 2017

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Find below quotes from an interview of Victor Kladov, Director of International Cooperation and Regional Policy of Rostec Corporation. The interview was given to Russian agency TASS on the sidelines of Dubai Airshow 2017.
About Rostec cooperation with Saudi Arabia

We have an active dialogue with Saudi Arabia in many fields. They are interested not only in the Russian equipment but also in Russian technologies. I would prefer not to go into details, but the dialogue is positive. Among other topics, we demonstrate our achievements in aviation and discuss with our partners possible supplies of the SSJ-100 and MC-21 civil aircrafts. MC-21 is a 100%- Russian development and is our national aircraft that has good prospects after entering the market. Sukhoi Superjet is being actively operated and supplied to a number of countries.

The talks are going on, Saudi partners are interested in our aircrafts.

About AHL project with China​

We are now carrying out a very interesting project of developing a new generation advanced heavy lifter (AHL) with China. If everything is OK, we hope to sign a contract by the end of this year or in 1Q2018 and begin a practical work after that. This is a two-sided project which Rostec and Russian Helicopters (part of Rostec) take a significant part. AHL will be a principally new helicopter, bigger than Mi-17 but smaller than Mi-26. The heavy helicopter is being conceptually created as a helicopter for Chinese market primarily. In this particular case we could say that the Chinese party creates the helicopter with technological support from Russia. In other words, China will create what it is able to, Russia will do the other scope of work. This refers to components as well as key parts and technologies.

The take-off weight of the helicopter is 38.5 tons, its carrying capacity – 14-15 tons. We conduct negotiations on a general contract. As soon as we sigh it there will be practical contracts. The main customer of the helicopter will be China.

CR 929 is an equally important project. JV and HQ in Shanghai were already established. R&D team is being organized. This project is important in terms of technologies as well as politics. 

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