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ROSSI AERO Group invests in 3D printing and R & D


ROSSI AERO group has oriented its choice towards the Startup OPT’ALM

ROSSI AERO Group has just started its 41st year as a first-tier supplier of assemblies and subassemblies for the aeronautics and space industries. The Group’s clients include Airbus Group, Stelia Aerospace, Safran Group, Latécoère Group and Triumph Aerostructures in the United States.


In the world of Additive Manufacturing, several methods are evolving, powder-bed melting (SLM and EBM technology) and the projection of molten powder (DED technology). The projection of molten powder, a technology in which Groupe ROSSI AERO invests, is particularly relevant to the repair, parts replenishment, the addition of functions and, more generally, the MRO businesses for which the ROSSI AERO Group, horizon 2018, a PART 145 station. In this context, the ROSSI AERO Group has chosen the Startup OPT’ALM, which invests in “fusion powder” technology, with the aim of differentiating itself from its more oriented colleagues so-called “powder-bed fusion” printing technologies.


By integrating the capital of OPT’ALM, the ROSSI AERO Group enables it to acquire the means of production that it had previously lacked. OPT’ALM can acquire the BeAM Modulo 3D printer, which will be delivered at the beginning of January 2018. Integrated in Saint-Caprais, the historic site of the ROSSI AERO Group, this machine will create a complete ecosystem combining 3D printing with industrial capabilities. Toulouse group and, more specifically, the speed shop facilities at the Saint-Caprais site for the completion of parts to deliver an “ON TIME and ON QUALITY” product.

By positioning itself, the ROSSI Group AERO and its subsidiary OPT’ALM aim at markets different from those of their competitors because of their choice of 3D printer.

The ROSSI AERO Group has become a 24% shareholder in OPT’ALM and is directly involved in its projects, leading to the appointment of Matthieu DUPRE as Deputy Chief Executive Officer of the ROSSI AERO Group as Chief Executive Officer of OPT’ALM. responsibility allows OPT’ALM to take advantage of the ROSSI AERO Group’s networks and contacts.

Quality, Reactivity, Delay: a DNA and a promise that the ROSSI AERO Group wants to transfer to OPT’ALM now that 3D printing is efficient on hard metals.

By positioning itself on OPT’ALM, the ROSSI AERO Group will be able to offer innovative, faster, more competitive services and with the flexibility of forms permitted by this new technology.

Nadia Didelot, for AeroMorning

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