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Peach will Start Using LIMEX Made from Limestone


Peach will Start Using LIMEX Made from Limestone
for Safety Instructions and Business Cards!

  • New, environmentally-friendly material is made without water or wood pulp –
    ・ LIMEX will be used on safety cards placed on aircraft starting on April 1
    ・ New business cards for Peach employees will be made with LIMEX
    ・ It will save approximately 40,000 liters of water (80,000 500-ml
    water bottles) annually
    Osaka, April 1, 2020 – Peach Aviation Limited (“Peach”; Representative Director and CEO: Takeaki Mori) will start using LIMEX, a new material developed by TBM Co., Limited (Representative Director and CEO: Nobuyoshi Yamasaki), for business cards for their associates and Safety Instructions with emergency information and instructions during take-off and landing.
    LIMEX is a composite material made primarily from limestone (calcium carbonate) and other inorganic materials (at least 50%). It is a new alternative to paper and plastic. LIMEX can help conserve resources such as water and trees because it requires virtually no water or wood pulp to manufacture. It is attracting attention from various areas because it can reduce our impact on
    the environment.
    Peach has decided to use LIMEX for business cards and Safety Instructions on the aircrafts. Approximately 90,000 business cards are printed for our associates each year. As a result, we expect to reduce water usage by 40,000 liters (equivalent to 80,000 500-ml water
    Estimated by TBM Co., Limited
    Peach has been working to reduce waste and protecting the environment. We have developed original merchandise using the remnants from seat covers. We also introduced automatic check-in kiosks made by using “Mildan” which is reinforced cardboard made with recycled milk cartons and juice boxes.
    Peach will continue to explore the use of materials that are environmentally friendly and be actively involved in creating a sustainable society.

  • Source: Peach

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