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ISP: A profitable and sustainable service

Infinity Space Providers as a profitable and sustainable service

The idea has come a long way. Imagine two 7-year-olds building a Tintin rocket, launching it, and watching with starry eyes as it lands on its feet. Imagine these two kids promising to make a living from their passion for space, and dreaming of founding the same red-and-white rocket. What if the dream came true?

A few years later, Infinity Space Providers was created by its 3 co-founders, friends for fifteen years, all engineers in the aeronautics and space industries, with different experiences in ETIs, large groups, VSEs and SMEs in France and abroad on projects as varied as airliners, military, satellites and launchers. What they all have in common is the desire to set up a company in the space sector together. All Planète Sciences volunteers in the space sector, the team has supported over 500 students, facilitating contacts with managers and industrialists in a mutually enriching process. It was this team that initiated the creation of the Planète Sciences propulsion commission, with a focus on hybrid propulsion, the solution chosen by Infinity Space Providers. This is the new starting point for the Infinity Space Providers adventure.

Each having followed a formative professional path, they decided, in the middle of the Space Connect trade show in Meudon and influenced by the reading of Christophe Bonal’s work dealing with space pollution and the state of emergency, to develop differentiating space solutions developed to depollute, as to date there are no solutions that do not generate debris.

This led to the decision to develop a 100% reusable launcher.The first step was to use our own funds to develop a demonstrator, to be visible in 2024.

ISP is building its own reusable launcher, in line with its promise to “clean up space”, but it is not a launcher company.Instead, it will back it up with integrated services in space, the launcher being merely the tool. ISP’s services range from ground test facility services for engine firing, to consulting for technological development and innovation, to the sale of solutions for rocket engine design, including the sale of their solution, the rocket, the flight, and becoming Europe’s 100% eco-built and sustainable “Rocket Lab

Michel Condé points out that, historically, the space business has always been institutional, with no upstream commercial logic. He points out that, conversely, all ISP’s activities, from engine test benches to launch bases, are designed to be sold. He declares: “ISP is structured to respond to a real development case and a market need, not the other way round. Whatever happens, we have things to sell and a real industrial solution.We’re in discussions with CNES and the defense sector, and we’re planning to set up our factories in Paris, Toulouse or Bordeaux.”

Designed as a profitable business, ISP is financially self-sufficient, which doesn’t prevent it from raising funds, such as the 45,000 euros recently raised from the team involved in the company in 2024.ISP is thus responding to the desire to mark the transition of space activities towards a sustainable solution from space for greater sustainability on earth, and has set itself two missions over the next 3 years, namely to raise awareness among civil society as a whole of the importance of space activities for moving around with a GPS, making weather or climate forecasts, communicating, observing the climate, and preventing natural disasters such as tsunamis or natural catastrophes.

 Michel Condé reminds us that without even knowing it, each and every one of us uses more than 50 satellites a day, and ISP wanted to take a look at all these activities under the banner of sustainability and eco-design to stop generating debris in space. Nadia Didelot for AeroMorning.

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