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IbaseT has digital manufacturing solutions

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If it’s complex, IbaseT makes it simple with digital manufacturing solutions

IbaseT company is a leading provider for digital manufacturing solutions used in aerospace and defence. IbaseT provides the digital continuity landscape in between design engineering and the manufacturing shop floor.

In Paris Airshow last june 2019, Mr Naveen Poonian, IbaseT President mentioned : “Lot work has been done on the shop floor and we provide the mechanism to control your processes, capture the data, manage the supply chain, and make sure that the right people get the right information at the right time, and that they can perform the work that they need to, to build very complex machines, including engines, airplanes, rockets…If it’s complex, we make it simple.” He added : “ IbaseT provides also a platform for after market services. Complex manufacturing in Aerospace and Defence is so unique that having the data set allows to leverage that data in services and to perform work maintenance on your products faster and to get them operational much more quickly.”

IbaseT solutions ensuring digital continuity is joining the leaders in this market.

AeroMorning at Paris Airshow

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