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How Viasat just changed the game for BizJet Wi-Fi

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Viasat Select business jet Wi-Fi for unbeatable performance and unbelievable value

Viasat Select is a first-of-its-kind direct service model for business aviation, offering custom Ka-band in-flight connectivity (IFC) service to match a business aircraft’s specific operational profile. This means that we can provide significant flexibility in terms of price, performance and coverage when compared to current air-to-ground or other satellite-based IFC options. With Viasat Select, you’ll get unbeatable performance, with unbelievable pricing – starting as low as $2795 per month!-

Viasat Select customers can now enjoy:

  • Tailored service plans with regional and global offerings
  • Truly Unlimited Plans available
  • Service management tools for flight and maintenance crews
  • Typical speeds of 20 Mbps or more
  • 24x7x365 end-to-end support

With Viasat Select, business jet operators have access to the best connectivity experience in business aviation.

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