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Good figures for Geneva Airpark

In 2019, Geneva Airpark recorded an increase in Daily formulas, as well as very regular activity for aircraft movements and services for planes and crews. This represents new expressions of satisfaction from clients who have been receptive to the personalized hosting options.

Facts and figures for 2019 


  • +10% Daily formula
  • 5,000 movements

–          2,500 arrivals and departures

–          2,500 operational, hangar, maintenance

  • 4,000 days present

–          15% using the Daily formula

–          85% using the Annual formula


  • In total, 5,100

–          4,400 for planes

–          700 for crews

  • An average of about 15 services per day

5,000 aircraft movements

Geneva Airpark provided a daily average of 14 aircraft movements on its tarmac and in its hangar in 2019. All these operations are organized under optimal conditions, thanks to equipment adapted to the volume of activity, including 5 Lektro tugs, IS-BAH certified procedures and perfect team organization.

These 5,000 aircraft movements facilitated by Geneva Airpark in 2019 can be broken down as follows: 

  • 2,500 movements for aircraft arrivals and departures
  • 2,500 movements for operational requirements, organizing hangar space and maintenance operations

9 additional planes hosted in the Daily formula

The Daily formulas for short and medium-term stays increased by 10%, with 99 different aircraftsmanaged in 2019.

For this same year, Geneva Airpark recorded nearly 4,000 days present in total, including:

  • 85% from the 20 planes hosted yearly
  • 15% from the 99 planes treated in the Daily formula

5,100 personalized services

These fully internalized aircraft and crew services are provided by specialized Geneva Airpark teams on the tarmac or in the hangar, and are part of the personalized services offered to Geneva Airpark customers. Its teams carried out the following in 2019:

  • 4,400 aircraft services: cleaning, potable water, toilets etc.
  • 700 crew services: laundry

A reliable team for privileged customer contacts

Geneva Airpark is above all 13 employees who have been members of the team for 7 to 11 years (2 years for the last person to join the team). The loyalty and expertise of this team makes it possible for Geneva Airpark to guarantee its customers personalized, high-quality services, adapted to the needs of each aircraft and crew.

About  Geneva Airpark

Geneva Airpark has been operational at Geneva Airport for the past 11 years and has the IS-BAH certification. Its 20,000 m² of facilities (hangar, tarmac, offices, car park) is directly accessible from the runway, near the Airport’s Terminal C3.

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Source: Geneva Airpark

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