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Fuerstenlounge bar in Munich Airport’s Terminal 2 appears in new splendor

Fuerstenlounge bar in Munich Airport’s Terminal 2 appears in new splendor

Pandemic-related closure used for remodeling:
Fuerstenlounge bar in Munich Airport’s Terminal 2 appears in new splendor

For many years, the Fuerstenlounge in Terminal 2 of Munich Airport has been a popular starting point for passengers before departure. Due to the impact of the pandemic, the well-frequented bar in area of the G gates had to remain closed for an extended period. This break was used for a comprehensive modernization. The lounge bar, named after Germany’s number 1 premium sparkling wine “Fürst von Metternich” (Prince of Metternich) presents itself in new splendor for its reopening. The new design, mainly in black and gold, the CI colors of the Fürst von Metternich sparkling wine brand, ensures an exclusive and unmistakable look. Eye-catchers in the center of the bar are a spectacular gold curtain and two artworks that impressively showcase the brand’s bottles. The new furniture includes attractive designer chairs in a variety of colors, giving the bar a timeless elegance.  Energy-saving LED lighting and golden pendant lights above the bar wrap the bar in a pleasant light. Guests of the Fuerstenlounge benefit from power supply and charging options for their mobile devices on all benches.

Not only sparkling wine lovers will enjoy a stop at the Fuerstenlounge. Besides sparkling wine, travelers can also have coffee specialties, soft drinks or regional beers here. Cakes, salads, snacks or hot dishes are also on the menu in the Fuerstenlounge. “We are very pleased that this gastronomic gem now shines in new splendor,” said Jan-Henrik Andersson, Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) and Chief Security Officer (CSO) at Munich Airport as well as Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Allresto on the occasion of the reopening. So a lot of travelers will have the chance to get to know our redesigned Fuerstenlounge.”

Monika Erfurth, Head of On-Trade & E-Commerce Henkell & Co. Sektkellerei KG, added: “Munich Airport is an excellent location to present our premium brand Fürst von Metternich to an international audience in a striking manner. The successful facelift of the Fuerstenlounge has once again significantly enhanced our presence on this stage.” The Fuerstenlounge in Terminal 2 is open daily from 07:00 to 16:0

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