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EASA Executive Director Patrick Ky and Director Luc Tytgat meet with the ERA Board

  • ERA Board members meet with the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) Executive Director Patrick Ky and Safety & Strategy Director Luc Tytgat at the EASA Headquarters, Cologne.
  • EASA joins the ERA Board Meeting to continue two-way discussions between EASA’s senior management and the ERA Board. 
  • The meeting is part of ERA’s ongoing campaigns to regularly meet with Europe’s key policymakers and regulators to build a better future for ERA’s members.
The European Regions Airline Association* (ERA) Board members met with EASA’s Executive Director Patrick Ky and Safety & Strategy Director Luc Tytgat on 23 and 24 January to discuss aviation safety matters and the work of EASA. At the meeting at the EASA Headquarters, Cologne, the Board shared ERA’s top five safety issues identified by ERA’s Air Safety Group, and amongst other current topics, discussed developments on rulemaking and practical implementation of the Germanwings crash recommendations. The Board also exchanged views on EASA’s work to revise its basic regulation, including rules on leasing approvals, and shared ERA’s views on the implementation of the new EASA Flight Time Limitation rules. A further technical discussion is planned with EASA experts at ERA’s Operations and Air Safety Group meetings on 13–14 March, also taking place at the EASA Headquar ters.   
Patrick Ky comments: “EASA is seeking industry’s input to discuss safety issues and the regulatory framework. Therefore, the open discussion with ERA is very much appreciated and helps the Agency to address current and future challenges.”  

Simon McNamara, ERA’s Director General, says: “Our discussions with Patrick Ky and Luc Tytgat on both EASA and ERA’s work regarding aviation safety were very productive. ERA has a good relationship with EASA and we are working together to increase safety in all parts of Europe. We will continue to meet with the agency’s senior management on behalf of our members to ensure their views and concerns are represented.”

The meeting demonstrates ERA’s ongoing strategic work and the important role that ERA plays in influencing the work of EASA and other key decision makers in Europe, including the European Commission, the European Parliament, Eurocontrol, the SESAR entities and the European Civil Aviation Conference.

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