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CAISSA Touristic Cooperates with Hainan Airlines

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CAISSA Touristic Cooperates with Hainan Airlines to provide more direct flights to selected destinations

BEIJING, Jan. 22, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Over the last year, China’s economic development has remained stable and the exchange rate of RMB against the U.S. dollar has continued to rise. The negative influences to outbound travel by the devaluation of RMB and the terrorist attacks in Europe have faded. The demand for outbound travel is growing rapidly. As the speed of consumption increases, influenced by China’s policies, the market in China has an increasing demand in the tourism industry, especially in outbound travel.

Countries areas such as Japan, Singapore, Thailand, the US, Canada, France, Germany, England, Italy and Russia are still the first choice for outbound travel in China. Having two leading companies in the tourism and aviation industries, CAISSA Touristic and Hainan Airlines, HNA Group has rolled out various outbound direct flights since 2016. HNA Group has also been able to include customized tourism products, which provided an unprecedented experience in China’s outbound tourism industry.

CAISSA Touristic is a leading listed company providing outbound travel service in China, whose shareholder, HNA Group possesses abundant resources in the aviation industry. Relying on the rapid development of the aviation business in recent years, CAISSA Touristic has gained more choices and more advantages in terms of air routes.

At present, CAISSA Touristic has equipped destination services and management companies in Hamburg, Munich, Frankfurt, Paris and Los Angeles while building partnerships with various airlines, cruise operators and international hotel groups. Among them, Hainan Airlines plays a vital role. Hainan Airlines selects high quality routes for CAISSA Touristic, and enhances product design and service quality.

Based on the advantages of Hainan Airlines, CAISSA Touristic has rolled out a variety of products where the place of departure has expanded to cities like Chengdu, Changsha, Wuhan, Hangzhou, providing more options for the consumers. CAISSA Touristic has solved the long connections and multiple flights by offering more packages with direct flights.

HNA Group Makes Progress in the Development of International Air Routes

CAISSA Touristic maintains a long and good cooperative relationship with various airlines, relying on the air route network of Hainan Airlines, CAISSA Touristic aimed to provide more outbound travel products for the market. In 2017, Hainan Airlines has opened up Chongqing / Chengdu-Los Angeles, Shanghai-Tel Aviv, Beijing-Prague-Belgrade, Shenzhen-Brisbane, Shanghai-Brussels and Chongqing / Chengdu-New York, Hangzhou-Sapporo more than 20 other international and regional routes. This helps CAISSA Touristic to develop their product lines and provide the consumers more high quality products to meet the growing demand in the tourism market.

Since 2016, HNA Group has opened up more than 65 routes to countries and regions along the The Belt and Road while CAISSA Touristic has released tours along the Silk Road. CAISSA Touristic offers the passengers a better experience on Hainan Airlines 787-9 Dream-Liner.

The combination of tourism and aviation industries

The combination of tourism and aviation has become a combination based on consumers, market and demand. Tourists have changing demands – the quality of products and service have become the key to attract consumers.

In China, travel agencies cooperating with airlines for direct flight routes has become the latest development in outbound travel, which not only highlights the operating advantages of the travel agency, but also provides a steady flow of passengers to the destination. The advantages of the combination of tourism and aviation within CAISSA Touristic and HNA Group are a model for the future of the Chinese travel industry.

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