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Aviation Media Companies support Aerospace & Defence MRO South Asia Summit

The Aerospace & Defence MRO South Asia SummitThe Aerospace & Defence MRO South Asia Summit


 The Aerospace & Defence MRO South Asia Summit, scheduled to take place in New Delhi from 18-19, January 2018, has generated a great deal of interest amongst the International publications serving the MRO industry. Orient Aviation, a leading commercial aviation news magazine in the Asia Pacific region has partnered with the event along with Aviation Voice, which features news particularly in the MRO, military & defence and commercial aviation segments.


Other media organisations who have joined the event are MRO Business Today, which highlights aviation news notably in the MRO segment; Airline Suppliers, Airport Suppliers, and Defence Suppliers are industry’s leading information resources for airport & airline equipment and defence equipment manufacturers and suppliers.


Other media organizations that has partnered with the event include World Airnews and Aeromorning.


Aviation MRO is one of the most prospective fields, in fact as prospective as the conventional manufacturing field. Boeing, in its latest forecast notes that the commercial aviation sector, which includes MRO also is set to grow to $8.5 trillion globally, over

the next 20 years. The global demand for aircraft would rise to 41,030 in the next 20 years. The need for MRO of aircraft would grow correspondingly. It will also generate demand in ancillary fields like manufacturing of aircraft engines and fans and create

employment opportunities.

Asia Pacific and South Asia comprising China, Russia, India and Japan are projected to be the fastest growing markets for the Aviation MRO.


With the government of India framing a new aviation policy aimed at removing the stumbling blocks in the path of growth, the aviation MRO market is poised for a big expansion in India. Various measures undertaken by the government of India like, the ‘Make-in- India’ programme, opening up of defence aviation MRO to private players coupled with the new aviation policy of the government of India which gives a new thrust to the aviation MRO industry, have created a congenial business environment for aviation MRO in India. The theme of the Summit, ‘Make in India-MRO makes it happen’ amply reflects this.


Source: STAT Media Group

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