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20th Inter-Parliamentary Conference on the Common Foreign and Security Policy and the Common Security and Defence Policy (CFSP/CSDP)

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We, the representatives of the Foreign Affairs and Defence Committees of all the national parliaments of the European Union and of the European Parliament

  1. Condemn in the strongest terms the Russian military aggression in Ukraine, in flagrant violation of the principles recognized by the international community and of the commitments undertaken by Russia.
  2. Express our absolute solidarity with the legitimate authorities of Ukraine and the Ukrainian people.
  3. Strongly affirm our support for the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine within its internationally recognized borders.
  4. Call on the Russian Federation to immediately and unconditionally withdraw its military forces deployed in Ukraine.
  5. Condemn the blank check given by the Russian Parliament to the invasion of Ukraine and the instrumentalization of the parliamentary institution for the purpose of territorial conquest.
  6. Call on the parliamentary bodies of multilateral organizations to condemn the invasion of Ukraine and the actions of the Russian Federation.
  7. Emphasize the responsibility of the leaders of the Russian Federation for the outbreak and consequences of this conflict.
  8. Call on the European Union to impose political, economic, commercial and financial sanctions on an unprecedented scale against the Russian Federation, applicable without delay and established in coordination with our partners and allies.
  9. Call on the European Union to provide massive and unwavering support to the Government and People of Ukraine, mobilizing all necessary means, particularly economic and humanitarian, and to coordinate with its partners and allies to increase this support, while welcoming the speed with which a loan of 1.2 billion euros was recently adopted by the European Union for Ukraine.
  10. Ask that the European Union organize itself as soon as possible to host in the best possible conditions the Ukrainian refugees that this war may provoke.
  11. In this context, express our unity, our unwavering attachment to common European values and our determination to strengthen solidarity with the Member States situated on the external borders of the Union.

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