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Lecture: Towards a renewal of supersonic transport?

Quand :
09/10/2019 @ 12:30 – 14:00
Où :
Académie royale de Belgique
rue ducale 1
Coût :

Lecture by Gérard Théron, former head of Airbus Propulsion centre, member of AAE.

Abstract: At a time when supersonic aircraft projects, mainly business aircraft, are flourishing once again in the media, this presentation begins by analysing the characteristics of Concorde, the only supersonic commercial aircraft in the civil market. It then presents the projects developed in the years 1976-2000 by Aerospatiale, BAe and Boeing, before giving an opinion on the technical feasibility of recent supersonic aircraft pre-projects proposed by the design offices of various start-ups, in the light of data currently available on their characteristics.

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Organised by the Air and Space Academy in partnership with : Académie Royale de Belgique.

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