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Jean-Claude MAILLARD founded FIGEAC AERO in 1989 based on his experience and knwoledge of the aeronautical industry. Since then the company has progressively specialised in the supply of small, medium and large parts to large aerospace customers.
In 1994, Figeac-aéro started the Figeac-aéro group, a corporation that is now comprised of 6 subsdiaries (USICAP, MTI, R2MECA, AVANTIS and MECABRIVE).  The growing company was AFAQ certified in 2006, and has many new investment and management plans (new machine purchases, enlargement of premises, setting up a new activity, surface treatment, supply chain development, etc.).

Today, the company has more than 500 employees based on the FIGEAC AERO site and continues to develop towards a culture of continuous improvement while maintaining an ongoing innovation policy.

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