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Adria Airways

Adria Airways Airliner Slovenia
A Regional Star Alliance member
Online booking help, time tables

Adria Airways is Slovenia’s national carrier and has a rich experience spanning forty years in charter and scheduled flights. Adria’s history began in 1961, when it was set up as a charter company. In the eighties Adria Airways started offering services on scheduled routes and became a member of the International Air transport Association (IATA).
Today Adria’s network links Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, with more than 40 destinations, mainly in Europe. Currently the company operates some140 weekly flights to the following scheduled destinations: Amsterdam, Brussels, Copenhagen, Dublin, Frankfurt, Istanbul, London, Manchester, Moscow, Munich, Ohrid, Paris, Pristina, Podgorica, Sarajevo, Skopje, Split, Tel Aviv, Vienna, Zurich.
In winter 2001 the company started operating within EU market on Frankfurt-Vienna route.
In addition to its scheduled operations Adria Airways also operates outgoing and incoming charter flights, which are mostly seasonal. The most frequent charter destinations are Greece, Spain, Turkey and Tunisia.

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