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Active Aero

Active Aero Group is North America’s leading air charter management company. We’re trusted by many of the Fortune 100’s most respected companies to provide better access to more qualified carriers and manage more shipments than the competition. Here’s why: More Carriers. With more than 170 carriers in our North American network, we help our customers choose from approximately 2,000 aircraft and 100 types of aircraft. This vast pool of available resources results in quicker, more reliable, cost-effective service than customers can find anywhere else. More Shipments. Since 1996, we have managed an average of 10,930 charter moves per year. That’s nearly twice as many as our closest competitor. Our economies of scale result in savings associated with cargo handling, surface transportation, backhauls, and reporting. More Customers. More customers attract more carriers. More carriers attract more customers. This cycle works to continuously improve quality while lowering costs and increasing flexibility.

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