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Peach to Introduce Latest Model Seats from RECARO


Peach to Introduce Latest Model Seats from RECARO Starting in 2019!

The first pre-reclined seats to appear on an LCC in Northeast Asia
・ To start on Peach’s 24th aircraft to be delivered in FY 2019
・ Ergonomic-based pre-reclined seats for improved comfort
・ A slim seat structure to expand leg space

Osaka 12 April, 2018 – Peach Aviation Limited (“Peach”; Representative Director and CEO: Shinichi Inoue) has announced that starting with new aircraft to be delivered in FY 2019, itwill be introducing the latest model seats with improved comfort from RECARO AircraftSeating (“RECARO”; head office: Germany; CEO: Mark Hiller).

The new A320ceo, the 24th aircraft to be delivered to Peach beginning in FY 2019, will be  equipped with SL3510 seats from RECARO, a seat manufacturer that is famous throughout the world forsupplying seats for luxury cars and many airlines. Designed by RECARO with its many years ofexperience and technology, this model realizes both comfort and low weight and the company has already sold more than 120,000 seats worldwide.

RECARO SL3510 seats from RECARO to be introduced by Peach in 2019

Developed with a pre-reclied ergonomic design, the backrest for the SL3510 model is fixed at a 15-degree angle. The slim seat structure will make it possible to secure more leg space for all passengers than everbefore, which will allow Peach to offer them more comfort, including periods of takeoff and landing.
It was in spring 2017 that Peach organized a project team comprising female employes from all departments within the company to select new seats for its new aircraft. The team consisted of employees in their 20s and 30s—the same age group as its key passengers—who made overall evaluations on aspects such as comfort, durability, and comments from passengers who have flown Peach to date, based on which it decided to introduce the SL3510 model from RECARO.

Peach will be the first LCC in Northeast Asia to introduce pre -reclined seats.

Look forward to more from Peach as it sets out to pave the way as a first mover for theJapanese  aviation industry to deploy innovative initiatives in its bid to become the leading LCC in Asia.

About Peach (
Peach began its operations out of its Kansai Airport hub in March 2012. It set up secondary hubs to follow Kansai Airport
at Naha Airport in July 2014 and at Sendai Airport in September 2017. Peach currently has a fleet of 20 aircraft and
operates more than 100 flights daily, serving more than 13,000 passengers on 15 domestic and 14 international routes.
In addition to opening an Okinawa (Naha) – Kaohsiung route on April 26, 2018 and an Osaka (Kansai) – Kushiro route
on August 1, it is also planning to set up Shin-Chitose Airport as a hub during FY 2018.

Source: Peach

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