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Boeing is building a future of time-saving


Boeing is building a future of time-saving, low-stress mobility that will make it easier to connect the people, cultures, economies and products of the world.

Trending: Boeing and SparkCognition announced plans to launch SkyGrid, a new company that will enable the future of urban aerial mobility.

Through our Boeing NeXt division, we incubate and build solutions that will define the future of urban, regional and global mobility, from cargo and passenger air vehicles to hypersonic aircraft. Even more important than the development of tomorrow’s aircraft is the need to create a new kind of global airspace that is safe, reliable and robust enough to accommodate diverse vehicles.

Already today, artificial intelligence, blockchain, additive manufacturing and quantum computing are unlocking exciting opportunities that will help us shape the future of flight. Through our technology development and investments, as well as our work with industry leaders, new and existing partners and regulators, we are uniting the key enablers to make the future mobility ecosystem a reality.

Watch this video to see our vision for the future of travel and transport:

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We are currently live at Amsterdam Drone Week with our Boeing NeXt division sharing our vision for the future of the unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) industry.

Follow @BoeingEurope and #AMSdroneweek on Twitter for the latest news.

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