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ADS-B mandates are fast approaching.

By 2020, all aircraft operating in the U.S and Europe* will be required to transmit ADS-B positioning information in compliance with DO-260B — the deadline is January 2020 for US airspace, June 2020 for European.

Do you have a crystal-clear plan for securing the required hardware and upgrading your fleet in time to comply with these mandates? If not, Honeywell can help. We have a variety of DO-260B-compliant solutions available now.


Although the mandate deadline is still over two years away, Honeywell recommends that airlines and other airspace users to act now. Product availability and service center capacity will become increasingly scarce as we approach the FAA and EASA deadlines. This could impact your aircraft being updated in time. In addition by upgrading sooner you’ll be able to start reaping the benefits that other operators are already enjoying in the form of more direct routings, more efficient route changes, and fuel savings.

Fill out the contact information below and one of our specialists will contact you to help you develop your 2020 vision. Alternatively you can download the white paper for more background on ADS-B, the mandates and Honeywell’s available solutions.

* Other regions and countries have their own DO-260B mandate schedule.

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